Project Description


Event: Trade Fair Booth – Video Screen integration in Fair Booth Design

Goal: Communicating Port Everglades as the premiere cruise port for the cruise industry – Integration of motion graphics and “attention grabber’ in Trade Fair Booth Design.

Concept: Graphic drop windows are used to focus in on specific subjects most important to the cruise industry and the passenger audience. Compilation of existing footage and direction of video shoot of new footage in Port Everglades.

Video Art Direction & Film Crew Direction
Story Board, Information Architecture
Graphics non-video content
Planning Video to be integral part of the Port Everglades Trade Fair Booth, which I also designed ( see Events & Trade Fairs section  )

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Various Clients

Kaplan University

Brand Platform/Positioning & Visual Brand Identity

Goal: Presenting the Kaplan University Brand Platform/Positioning & Visual Brand Identity – to raise brand awareness & recognition for internal & external audiences.

Concept: Information about the Brand Platform/Positioning is presented in a “virtual university room” – section in the keynote deck present content animated in rooms and on walls.

Kaplan Univ. – Virtual Event: Internal Strategy & Distribution

Brand Strategy Video

Goal: Raising Kaplan University Brand Identification (internally) by creating an animated Brand Strategy Video – shown in still images, since the messaging in the video is confidential.

Concept: Creating a story, set around the world – cartoon characters (looking like the Kaplan University management professionals) presenting different parts of the global Brand Strategy in animated “scenes”.

Video Art Direction & Animated Cartoon Video Content Art Direction
Story Board, Information Architecture
Info Graphics/ Animated Content & Hierarchy

Stratus Prep ( Virtual Event: Test Preparation )

Brand Strategy, Visual Brand Identity, Logo, Website, Web Banners

– Brand Awareness, Client Student (B2C) Acquisition, Marketing

– The Logo/ Brandmark symbolizes the higher score enabled by preparing at Stratus Prep
– The Graphic Design Concept ( Brand Visual Identity )

Rennert – Event: Learning English for Events

Brand Strategy, Visual Brand Identity, Logo, Website, Collateral

– Brand Awareness, Client (B2B) & Student (B2C) Acquisition, Marketing

– Destination Travel Experience in the B2C “Learn English” locations NYC or MIA,
– Brand Architecture: Division Color Coding System, Image/ Graphic Concepts & Photoshoots

Eaton – Clean (renewable) Energy  – Marketing Event: Trade Fair

Goal: To establish Eaton Electronic/ Energy Parts as the “Safest Solution” for the Renewable Clean Energies. Ad Campaign, Ads, Collateral System and Implementation Guidance Brochure for all European Countries, in English & German and including translation guidance for other languages.

Concept: A rather unusual way of transporting the message was chosen to get the electricity & energy industry’s attention. Illustrations of gods (Wind, Sun, Earth, Water)  were used to make a comparison between “Fossil Fuel Energy Times” and “Today’s improved and advanced “renewable, sustainable, clean Energy – generation, transfer and storing. (The industry of Clean Energy is extremely “dangerous” and on error eventually “lethal” for field workers, since “high electric current/ energy” is one of the commodities.

Five global awards won by the team I lead as Creative Director, Consulting/ Freelancing at Plan B (agency in Vienna/ Austria)

– Three times Gold, Silver & Bronze (including the “Golden Dolphin” in Cannes/ France)
– Award shows won: LA, & Houston/ USA, Cannes & Deauville/ France, and Vienna/ Austria)
– Award Categories: “Renewable Clean Energy Initiatives”, ” Image Advertising Campaign” and “Digital Animation Video”)
– Arming the three students of “digital animation” freelancing in my team with five global awards, three golden is my favorite fact about the five awards – bringing to “live” my vision, creative, design and timelined story-board including a custom composed music soundtrack (duration/ length of timeline: four minutes )

Creative Direction, 2011

• Strategy
• Team-Lead (3 pro animators, PM, Partners, and client guide)
• Design/ Art for Digital & Classic media
• Art, Copy & Content for Digital/ Classic media
• Animation/ Video/ Storyboard/ Layout/ Print/ Social
• International Image Advertising Campaign
• Implementation Guidance
• Information Architecture/ Translation Control/ Translations/ Copy