Project Description


Digital/ Web

Goal: Creating brand websites/ banners/ sponsored content/ email campaigns expressing the positioning of each individual brand and business and conveying the message. Creating UX/UI, digital that will provide the optimal experience with the brand.

Concept: Messaging the key differentiators, client benefits and the positioning with conceptual visuals and copy across channels.

UX UI Brand Experience        • Responsive Website Design        • Advertising Banners
• Digital Applications

Web Banner Ads & Social Media & Animated Brandmark Logo

Sponsored Content Examples:

Childrens Fever

Royal Baby

Winter Olympics

Responsive Websites




UX UI Planning Tools _ Wire Frame Examples

inVision WireFrame Prototype Tool & Capability/ Skill/ Sketch

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 2.28.00 PM

Prototyping – Click here to experience a live prototype of the above flowchart

UX UI & Information Architecture Planning in Wire-Flow-Chart for click here to visit the Website

UX UI Planning Tools _ User Experience Charts Across Media (including website)