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Print/ Classic

Goal: To establish and advertise Germany’s leading newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (F.A.Z.) as out of competition.

Concept: The logo shows a person behind a newspaper. The photos show a person behind a newspaper in an environment that says something about who they are.

For this newspaper I created
Image Campaign
Advertising Campaigns
Photo Shoots

Goal: Communicating the benefit of the machines, such as clean water for waterless or unsanitary regions or for situations where fresh water supply is limited).

Concept: The overall design and color palette are “clean” looking. Imagery messaging look, use and benefit of the machines is combined with images of water and energetic graphic waves.

Brand Design
Trade Fair Stand

Goal: Positioning this product as the “standalone, best-of-class” solution and value in the photocoagulation eye laser surgery industry segment. The benefit of combining features and functions of separate machines in an all-in-one-machine-solution is explained and illustrated in an easy to understand, impactful way.

Concept: Custom-shot imagery, information graphics and a color palette complimenting the product are design tools used to show and illustrate the machine and it’s features.

Consulting Senior Art Direction, 2011

•  Information Architecture
•  Brochure Design
•  Photoshoot Patient/Machine

Goal: To make people feel that “an active lifestyle supports healthy living”.

Concept: The logo expresses: when you have strong roots you have a healthy tree.
The advertising campaigns were created to communicate different parts of the customer benefit.

• Brand Strategy
• Brand Creation & Design
• Advertising Campaigns
• Collateral
• Website
• Guidelines
• Fair-Booth

Strategy, Creation, Design