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Digital/ Web/ Social Media

Slider Image on Website, Consulting, 2016

Twitter/ Facebook – consumer/ audience engagement


Social Media Event Post: Happy Hour


Arthur Rocha music artist song & video covers
iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer

Arthur Rocha music artist video cover on
YouTube, iTunes, Amazon Music, Deezer

5 global awards
(Including a golden Dolphin, Cannes)
Digital Advertising Image Advertising Campaign

Digital Communication/ 360/ Trade Fairs/ Elevators NYC, LA, SF, Chicago
Consulting at DHL Express North America, 2011

Social Media Post/ Digital/ Video Gate Entry – Consulting at Island City Stage Theater, 2020

Digital Business Card and Animated Digital Logo for trade show spaces

Responsive Websites



UX Planning Tools _ Wire Frame/ Flowchart/ Examples

WireFrame Prototype

Michael Kunhenn, “ Strategy Services” INVENTION:

In order to present small/ mid size websites ( UX UI ) to clients I invented the “Wire-Flow Chart” which combines a Wireframe Document ( outlining the Content of a page/pages ) with a “( classic ) Flowchart – the Wire-Flow chan function as an addition to a “Website Prototype” – provided to provide an overview, in addition to user experience testing/ prototyping. Strategy Services
click here to visit the Website that was created from the below Wire-Flow-Chart ( )

UX UI Planning Tools _ User Experience Charts Across Media (including website)

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