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Eaton Energy


To establish Eaton Electronic/ Energy Parts as the “Safest Solution” for the Renewable Clean Energies. Ad Campaign, Ads, Collateral System and Implementation Guidance Brochure for all European Countries, in English & German and including translation guidance for other languages.


A rather unusual way of transporting the message was chosen to get the electricity & energy industry’s attention. Illustrations of gods (Wind, Sun, Earth, Water) ¬†were used to make a comparison between “Fossil Fuel Energy Times” and “Today’s improved and advanced “renewable, sustainable, clean Energy – generation, transfer and storing. (The industry of Clean Energy is extremely “dangerous” and on error eventually “lethal” for field workers, since “high electric current/ energy” is one of the commodities.

Freelancing Senior Art & Creative Direction, 2011

  • Strategy
  • Team-Lead (3 pro animators, PM, Partners, and client guide)
  • Design/ Art for Digital & Classic media
  • Art, Copy & Content for Digital/ Classic medi
  • Animation/ Video/ Storyboard/ Layout/ Print/ Social
  • International Image Advertising Campaign
  • Implementation Guidance
  • Information Architecture/ Translation Control/ Translations/ Copy

Below: The Animated Image Video

Five global awards won

by the team I lead as Creative Director, Consulting/ Freelancing at Plan B (agency in Vienna/ Austria)

  • Three times Gold, Silver & Bronze ( including the “Golden Dolphin” in Cannes/ France )
  • Award shows won: LA, & Houston/ USA, Cannes & Deauville/ France, and Vienna/ Austria )
  • Award Categories: “Renewable Clean Energy Initiatives”, ” Image Advertising Campaign” and “Digital Animation Video”)