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Event, Exhibition, Public information System, POS

New York Architecture –
Interactive Exhibition Module

Interactive Exhibition Module about the architecture of New York City, containing videos, imagery, and interactive elements like
– a 3D map showing buildings, and navigation buttons on buildings in the interactive map, that are archetypical of an architectural style, or historically significant e.g. being one of the five highest buildings in the world, all in New York City, and all five in succession ( from the Singer Building [demolished] to the [destroyed World Trade Center 1 & 2 Twin Towers] )

Goal: Visitor engagement in an interactive exhibition experience. The topic (New York Architecture) is presented in different thematic sections, like History, Buildings, Architects, Maps, Styles, Regulations. The interactive application is available in Gift Shop on CD-ROM, or QR scan.

Concept: Two navigational structures are mixed to provide an interactive user-determined education experience

  1. Structural Navigation ( tree – Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Navigation Levels in hierarchical structure )
  2. Associative ( “sideways” – text link listings and text links in copy lead through pages in a user-interest-lead succession )

Independent project originally created to be an interactive exhibition module displayed in the Architecture Museum in Frankfurt, Germany

The below QR-code was planned to be on the back of the CD-ROM case, and linking to the online version of the interactive application.


Above: Port Everglades Trade Fair Booth with integrated “Port Everglades Cruise Industry Image Video”

Below: Port Everglades Cruise Industry Image Video

Port Everglades Trade Fair Booth with integrated Cruise Industry Image Video

Goal: Communicating Port Everglades as the premiere cruise port for the cruise industry and passengers – the “new” FLL airport to Port Everglades infrastructure enables a stress-free travel experience from landing on FLL airport on – integration of motion graphics in the filmed video sections result in a captivating, memorable Trade Fair Booth Experience.

Concept: Video sections are communicating the passenger’s & cruise line benefits when cruising from/ to Fort Lauderdale’s Port Everglades (Location, Speed, Service, Flexibility, Play.) Animated graphic design section openers add visual dividers inbetween sections of video and provide content transparency.

A combination of video shoot, including bird-eye perspective drone filming over the port and cruise ships, in 25 terminals, on Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport, present an exiting overview of one of the two largest cruise ports in the world.

Planning the image video to be an integral part of the Port Everglades Trade Fair Booth, which I also designed
• Story Board, Information Architecture,
• Video Art Direction & Film Crew Direction
• Graphic Design of thematic dividers & content

Freelancing Art Direction, 2014


Goal: To position and communicate DHL EXPRESS as the global leader of Express Services at Trade Fairs ( various verticals and industries, ), messaging content of the Value Proposition in copy and visuals in the Trade Fair Booth and on the supporting Banners.

Concept: The Value Proposition contains three parts:

  • Global Expertise – A DHL EXPRESS fleet cargo plane circles around a 360° turning 3D globe structure –  topping the central table structure of the Trade Fair Booth
  • Service Excellence – The imagery concept of the booth and the banners messages couriers will deliver on-time in the furthest out corners of the world – images of
    A) planet Earth seen from space, B) a powerful airplane turbine, and C) a sphere made of country flags are combined to communicate the Value Proposition and USP.
  • International Focus – the imagery concept is showing DHL Couriers in locations, in different countries and cultures around the world.

Nine Months Consulting Senior Art & Design Direction at DHL EXPRESS North American Headquarters, to add 12 new new products to the existing four products – implementation of product design and communication in all DHL EXPRESS  communication vehicles, media, channels and advertising, digitally, classic, and courier delivered.

Brand Strategy
Brand Design & Experience
Image Concept
Trade Fair Booth & Banner Design
Collateral System
Value Proposition Development and creative visualization

Skywater Water Making Machines –
Trade Fair Booth Design , supporting Collateral, Van at Trade Fair & Distribution

Goal: As water shortages persist around the world, Skywater® products provide effective emergency water solutions – marketing that goal.

Concept: The imagery concept shows areas of operation of the machines/ distillers.

Design Direction, 2010

Brand Strategy
Brand Design
Brand Image Concept
Collateral System
Signage System
Van Wrap

Skywater Advanced Air-to-Water Technology®

Van present at Events, Trade Fairs and Distribution

AdvantageCare Insurance Trade Fair Booth

and Visitor-Centered Marketing initiatives in the Hardrock Space.

Eaton – Clean ( Renewable ) Energy
Integrated Advertising Campaign, Image Video in Trade Fair Booth, Collateral

Goal: To establish Eaton Electronic/ Energy Parts as the “Safest Solution” for the Renewable Clean Energies. Ad Campaign, Ads, Collateral System and Implementation Guidance Brochure for all European Countries, in English & German and including translation guidance for other languages.

Concept: A rather unusual way of transferring a message was chosen to get the electricity & energy industry’s attention. Illustrations of gods (Wind, Sun, Earth, Water)  were used to make a comparison between “Fossil Fuel Energy Times” and “Today’s improved and advanced renewable” (Europe), clean (US) Energy”– generation, transfer and storing of Clean Energy is extremely “dangerous” and on error eventually “lethal” for field workers, since “high electric current/ energy” is the commodity. Eaton’s Electronic Parts provide the highest safety.

Five global awards won by the team I lead as Creative Director, Consulting, Freelancing at Plan B (agency in Vienna/ Austria)

– Three times Gold, Silver & Bronze (including the “Golden Dolphin” in Cannes/ France)
– Award shows won: LA, & Houston/ USA, Cannes & Deauville/ France, and Vienna/ Austria)
– Award Categories: “Renewable Clean Energy Initiatives”, ” Image Advertising Campaign” and “Digital Animation Video”)
– Arming the three students of “digital animation” freelancing in my team with five global awards, three golden is my favorite fact about the five awards – bringing to “live” my vision, creative, design and timelined story-board including a custom composed music soundtrack (duration/ length of timeline: four minutes )

Creative Direction, 2011

• Strategy
• Team-Lead (3 pro animators, PM, Partners, and client guide)
• Design/ Art for Digital & Classic media
• Art, Copy & Content for Digital/ Classic media
• Animation/ Video/ Storyboard/ Layout/ Print/ Social
• International Image Advertising Campaign
• Implementation Guidance
• Information Architecture/ Translation Control/ Translations/ Copy

FPL Ice box
( Florida Power & Light ) Marketing Event at Hardrock

Goal: Promotional event of a walkable  FPL “Ice Box”, showering the visitors with ice-cold air, located in the hot outside at the Hardrock Café Court – differentiating FPL as “cool” power provider and raising brand recognition.

Concept: A walkable room within an “ice cube” is showering the visitors with ice cold air from liquid cooling tech – the walls of the “ice cube” are glass walls and the design looks like the walls are frozen. Hashtags, linking to an online follow-up are located on the glass walls of the physical event of an “ice-box” providing ice cold relief from the hot Florida sun.

Zoo East Berlin – Tiergarten
Public Information & Signage System, Collateral

Goal: The Zoo is located in a large Park in the City of Berlin. In order not to spoil the experience of the park with signage belonging to the zoo – the public information system requires an inventive concept – secondly, e.g. the monkeys are located in different areas of the zoo/ park, resulting in classic directional signs not being possible.

Concept: The existence of a zoo becomes a “honorable cause” when the zoo is protecting animal species being endangered of being extinct. The existence of zoos become a network of protection when the zoo is educating the public and is generating funding & donations that way, used to work globally with organizations and other zoos, working towards the same cause.
The concept we created, is an educational public information system – all animals in the zoo are categorized in four groups – the four habitats  the animals naturally live in: either Forrest, Water, Dessert or Mountains.

The map of the zoo and the location of animals in the zoo function by identifying the natural habitat by using a color coded “path system” – the zoo has two points of entrance/exits – all four paths are circular and connect both entry and exit points of the zoo – at every crossing in the zoo/ park, the signage system identifies which direction the e.g. the “water-Path is taking: straight ahead or turning left or right.

The signs are metal rods children can jump on because they are close to the ground, they do not spoil the park visually and the metal material is very durable and fairly reasonable in cost. Example: The “Water-Path ” connects all animals in the zoo that live in water habitats, e.g. Penguins & Ice Bears live in and on the habitat of polar water and ice, while crabs live in Oceans all over planet Earth. The “Water-Path ” is color coded “blue.”

Above: Example of a path – the “Water-Path” on the zoo map.

Below/ left: Examples of other path examples

Kaplan University

Brand Platform/Positioning & Visual Brand Identity

Goal: Presenting the Kaplan University Brand Platform/Positioning & Visual Brand Identity – to raise brand awareness & recognition for internal & external audiences.

Concept: Information about the Brand Platform/Positioning is presented in a “virtual university room” – section in the keynote deck present content animated in rooms and on walls.

Virtual Event: Brand Strategy Strategy Video of Kaplan University

Goal: Raising Kaplan University internal Brand Identification by creating an animated video of the Brand Strategy Video (Kaplan University is now Perdue University.)

Concept: Creating a story, set around the world – cartoon characters (looking like the Kaplan University members of the management) present different parts of the global Brand Strategy in animated “scenes”.)

Video Art Direction & Animated Cartoon Video Content Art Direction
Story Board, Information Architecture
Info Graphics/ Animated Content & Hierarchy

Rennert – Event: Learning English for Events

Brand Strategy, Visual Brand Identity, Logo, Website, Collateral

– Brand Awareness, Client (B2B) & Student (B2C) Acquisition, Marketing

– Destination Travel Experience in the B2C “Learn English” locations NYC or MIA,
– Brand Architecture: Division Color Coding System, Image/ Graphic Concepts & Photoshoots

Stratus Prep ( Virtual Event: Test Preparation )

Brand Strategy, Visual Brand Identity, Logo, Website, Web Banners

– Brand Awareness, Client Student (B2C) Acquisition, Marketing

– The Logo/ Brandmark symbolizes the higher score enabled by preparing at Stratus Prep
– The Graphic Design Concept ( Brand Visual Identity )